Life Is a Magnificent Odyssey

Rachell and I will be adding information, recipes, thoughts and ideas to our video segments. We want to expand from Life IN the Limo, to...

Tipsy Tea in the Limo Dawn Billings and Rachell Hall invite you to join them for "Tipsy Tea" in the Limo. White tea with bubbles. . .Get it?

Greasy Burger, No, No, No Dawn Billings and Rachell Hall interview for a new Limo driver. What? This can't be happening in the Limo.

Celebrate Your "Real" Stuff Dawn Billings and Rachell Hall recommend you celebrate your 'real' stuff in the limo.

We have NO Butt! Rachell Hall and Dawn Billings bemoan the fact that they have no butt "in the limo".

YoBro Foods in the Limo Rachell Hall enjoys showcasing YoBro Foods "in the Limo".

Switch it UP! How cool is it? Want to switch up some of your clothes to great different ones? This is the perfect way to do just that. Learn more...

Are You Camera Shy? Are you camera shy? Why? Do you feel unattractive? Has Madison Ave caused you to compare yourself with their...

"Tighten UP" and Teach a Mom to Fish Take a moment for this one. Simply hysterical! By the way, we Googled it for you. Enjoy "tighten up" below.

Big League Chew

Life lesson: Don't party with the band after the concert. You could wake up covered in big league chew!

WHY DO MEN CHOOSE PLASTIC? Dawn and Rachell ask Dawn's oldest son Tony Billings, (the famous 7th Grade Math Teacher) "Why do men choose plastic?"


What are ELEVATE and Hang over patches? Dawn Billings and Rachell Hall share about the NEW Hangover patches and a...

THE VEGETABLE COMPARTMENT Dawn Billings and Rachell Hall discuss the vegetable compartment in your shopping cart. Enjoy #inthelimo,...

Navy Grogs - What are they?

Enjoy the show: Dawn Billings and Rachell Hall sharing 'Life in the Limo' Navy Grogs - know what they are? They...