Rachell Hall has spent 28 years building a stellar reputation as a permanent makeup artist, food photographer and spa, travel and beauty writer. Rachell has created award winning fragrances, luxury travel products and a healthy gourmet sugar, and is known for her unique technique of 3 D nipple tattoos for women who have had double mastectomies. To learn more about Rachell: www.RachellHall.com 


Dawn Billings has spent over 35 years consulting with couples and individuals, and has a Relationship-Help Resort in the Phoenix area where she offers couple’s resort retreats. Dawn is also the founder of The Heart Link International Women’s Network with locations in US, Canada and Australia, is the creator of Primary Colors Personality Tests and Insight Tools, and invented a patented parenting tool.


Dawn was selected by Oprah Magazine and The WhiteHouse Project as one of the nation’s emerging women leaders in 2008 and one of 15 Women of Achievement by the YWCA. Dawn has written over 20 books and travels and does seminars around the country.To learn more about Dawn: www.DawnBillingsConsultations.com

We have both spent many years working with women in difficult and challenging situations, all looking for answers and support. We decided to do our BRAND NEW “Life in the Limo” show so that we could bring laughter to the many challenges women face in today’s marketplace. Between us we have over 70 years of gourmet cooking, health and beauty, relationship, communication, parenting, and marketing tips for women to enjoy. We plan to educate and inspire, while we entertain.  We purchased a Classic 1997 Cadillac Limo to coincide with Rachell Hall’s Classic Beauty Brand, and film segments where we interview women in business, as well as experts such as doctors, surgeons, as well as fitness and beauty experts, branding experts, fashion experts and other truly fun and interesting people to learn from. We will have everything from personality, communication and relationship segments all the way to thermography, and other health modalities that we believe will serve women.


What is your Business mission/philosophy and specialized service?


All of our video segments will be focused on inspiring support, acceptance, and understanding differing perspectives. We hope to use humor to help people find a funny common ground in a angry and divided culture. We want women to discover their super-hero powers of strength, kindness and determination that live within them. We want to offer affordable, fabulous, hysterical and effective ways for people in the Phoenix area to market and showcase their products and services. We will do this by interviewing them “In the Limo” and sharing the segments on social media, You Tube, Instagram, etc.



What kinds of community service or philanthropy do you do through your businesses?


One of Dawn and Rachell’s favorite passions is funding the complete aesthetic recovery of women who have had double mastectomies. Rachell’s foundation - Bridging the Gap Between Breast Cancer and Beauty raises tens of thousands of dollars for women in need.  Another of Dawn’s passions is helping kids in foster care, where she has created curriculum for foster homes, tools and learning tools for foster children and their foster parents.


What are you offering in 2018 that is new and exciting?


We are so exited to offer the first 100 professionals who contact us at LifeintheLimo@gmail.com our blow your “limo” horn marketing special of only $99 for their first 3 marketing segments. How Happy 2000 and GREATteen is that?​ And now we have entered, 2000 FINEteen!